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  • Do I Need a Root Canal?

    Tooth pain is very acute; meaning it is centralized to a specific area and has lasted for less than six months.  Chronic tooth pain is ongoing and lasts for over six months.  Regardless of the type of pain, the problem needs to be identified and treated as soon as possible.  Common toothaches [...]

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    How to Floss

    Admit it, you googled ‘how to floss’ in an attempt to learn the ever popular video game dance that’s all the rage.  Sorry to disappoint, but as a Brookline dentist office, we’d love to teach you our style of the floss.  It begins with a piece of mint-covered string and your beautiful [...]

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    Choosing a Brookline Dentist

    If you are new to the area or a longtime resident looking for a new dentist, the Brookline Progressive Dental Team may be the perfect fit for you.  A Brookline dentist means you won’t have to travel all over town for all of your family’s dental needs.  Our experience, training, and skill allow[...]

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