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  • How to Floss

    Admit it, you googled ‘how to floss’ in an attempt to learn the ever popular video game dance that’s all the rage.  Sorry to disappoint, but as a Brookline dentist office, we’d love to teach you our style of the floss.  It begins with a piece of mint-covered string and your beautiful [...]

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    Choosing a Brookline Dentist

    If you are new to the area or a longtime resident looking for a new dentist, the Brookline Progressive Dental Team may be the perfect fit for you.  A Brookline dentist means you won’t have to travel all over town for all of your family’s dental needs.  Our experience, training, and skill allow[...]

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    Get a Glowing Smile for Graduation

    For four years you've crammed in late night study sessions, flipped through hundreds of pages, and penciled in thousands of bubbles with your number 2 pencils. Now your efforts have paid off as you gear up for graduation day.  You prep for the big day with maybe a new outfit, a fresh haircut, and [...]

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